Emotional Equations is a brilliant blend of business self-help, personal self-help, positive psychology, practical insight, personal experience, sound wisdom and powerful inspiration. Most authors are happy with two or three of those. Along the way, we get an honest look inside the heart, soul and mind of Chip Conley, who holds nothing back in sharing both pain and joy."

- American Express Open Forum

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"I believe all leaders are CEO’s (Chief Emotions Officers)...the emotional thermostats for the groups they lead. When my emotional thermostat was low, I was reading Viktor Frankl’s landmark book, Man’s Search for Meaning, and I turned that into an equation so that I could use it as a mantra: Despair = Suffering – Meaning. Ultimately, I shared this equation with my top 80 leaders in the company and we started teaching equations on Anxiety, Disappointment, Happiness, and Authenticity in our corporate university. I was inspired to write the book since so few of us have ever been taught about the mystery of our emotions and how to make sense of them."

- Forbes

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Emotional Equations is a masterpiece by a master teacher. Philosopher/CEO Chip Conley peels away the thin veneer of let's pretend organizational life and introduces us to the very raw and tender emotional core of our human experience."

- Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge

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