When I was twelve years old, I told my dad that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. He said that writers were either poor or psychotic…and most were both. So I shelved this aspiration until the new millennium, then gave myself permission to write about my experiences as an entrepreneur and CEO. I loved it. To reflect on what I’ve learned as a business leader – and as a human being – then share it with others in such a way that can make a positive difference has been one of the most satisfying and meaningful endeavors of my life.


“In this remarkable book, one of America’s finest entrepreneurs shares the wisdom that’s helped him find personal and professional renewal in the face of some devastating life events. Chip Conley’s equations are powerful tools for helping to make our emotions work for us, rather than against us, in business and in life.”

Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE

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“Chip Conley gives a brilliant analysis of the absolute necessity of Maslow’s hierarchical paradigm in unleashing the talent and commitment of customers, employees, owners – in fact, stakeholders. Great resource material for leaders, trainers, educators, even parents. Chip practices what he teaches – most successfully.”

Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


“Laced with penetrating clarity and insights relevant to both large and small companies. It will help you get your message across, forge stronger, more intimate relationships with customers, and avoid the pitfalls and general mistrust of traditional and shallow ‘cause-based marketing.”

Steve Smith, founder, Tazo Tea


“I love the Joie de Vivre heart icon that Chip uses to illustrate how a passionate corporate culture breeds happy employees, which leads to satisfied customers, which results in a profitable and sustainable business.”

Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman, Virgin Group Ltd.